Pine marten photography tuition days:
I am now running a very limited number of photography tuition days with the fantastic Pine martens on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, western Scotland.  . This year 2020 we are anticipating potential travel restrictions due to the Corona virus and any bookings will be with this in mind We may in theory otherwise be able to continue our trips with due concern and observance of any government recommendations, however it may be possible to do one on one trips where we maintain social distancing, travelling separately etc The situation changes daily but we look forward to a time when we cn resume as normal! We will be based in a beautiful isolated cottage where the Pine martens regularly come in to feed especially in late evenings. Cost from £180 per person. (Includes self catering accommodation in the cottage!) If the pine martens arrive late in the evening we are also offering tuition and advice on flash photography with wildlife to make the most of the time we have with these animals which are largely active at dusk and dawn!  We are now including the added option of including day trips to Mull for otters followed by the pine marten workshop in the evening! Spaces are very limited so please contact me ASAP at if you would like to join me and the Pine martens as soon as the current situation permits.

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