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 Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus): A denizen of the Caledoinian pine forests in the Highlands of Scotland the rare and elusive Capercaillie is a dificult bird to find.  Good field craft and a knowledge of the habitat the species requires can help you locate these magnificent birds. Check my book 'Photographing wildlife in thre Uk' for more info on this! Be aware this is a red list species and it is against the law to disturb this bird during the breeding season . Some of these images were taken recently (2019)  in what we would like to keep an  undisclosed location. Prior to this the images from 2015 are of a more well known rogue capercaillie when  returning to the known location of this male Capercaillie several times over a couple of years I eventually was lucky enough to meet this charismatic and endangered bird.

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