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White tailed eagle, Halliaeetus albicilla) , 
Used as I am to photographing the magnificent white tailed eagle on the Isle of Mull, it was a pleasure and a surprise to see these birds in large numbers together with the even larger Stellar's sea eagles on the sea ice off Rausu, Hokkaido, Japan

Massive attack!

Two white tailed eagles attack each other, on the sea ice off Rausu, Hokkaido, Japan.

White tailed eagle portrait

I never thought I would be able to get so close to a wild eagle!

Adult and juv White tailed eagle

Beautiful light on the sea ice

The snatch!

A shot I have practised many times with the white tailed eagles n Mull, here picking up off the sea ice, hokkaido, Japan.

Feeding close !!

A really close up white tailed eagle getting into a fish take away

Pair of adults on the ice

Two white tailed eagle adults watching


A quick change in direction as the white tailed eagle makes a turn, the same kind of action shot again I have seen on the Isle of mull in Scotland.

Portrait with ice

White tailed eagle adult close up portrait.

A perfect poise

Perched beautifully on a stack of sea ice, a white tailed eagle spreads its wings

Watching the snow

Snow falling on a white tailed eagle.


White tailed eagle calling

Coming in for the pick up

Talons extended a white tailed eagle approaches!

Touch down

Talon-ted white tailed eagle

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