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 ​Little owl (Athene noctua). In late summer 2013 I was lucky enough to discover a family of little owls living in a local farm and churchyard. Although difficult to approach I have managed to get some fairly long distance shots which show their habitat in the farm buildings and churchyard perching on Cotswold stone walls, and orchard trees in late summer sunlight. In summer 2015 thanks to the kind help of Yvonne and Vince I have been able to set up a pop up hide to photograph a new family of owls in a horse shelter in Oxfordshire: It has been fantastic to watch the little balls of fluff emerge and fledge succesfully! Since then  I have been able to set up the hide again and watch as another brood of youngsters is raised. Thanks again to Yvonne and Vince.
Next spring  we hope to be   offering further spots at this hide to photograph these Little owls, watch this space  for end of May! 

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