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Otters in England are almost a different species to those that frequent the isles and coasts of Scotland. Though still technically the same species (Lutra lutra) . The otters that frequent rivers and lakes further south seem to be larger, perhaps due to the different climate and diet. Here in Oxfordshire I have been lucky enough to discover and spend time with this confiding family of otters . Through the late winter and early spring of 2021 they have had a tough time with threats from anglers, frequent close encounters with dogs off feads and the cubs having to learn how to survive with ice covering much of their hunting area. This year we are all having to adapt to difficult circumstances and the otters seem to be thriving! Perhaps we can all learn something from these intelligent and adaptable creatures!

Family group
If you should go skating...

..On the thin ice of modern life!

Cubs cuddling
wild swimming
walking on ice

Ice covering their fishing pond caused a few issues for the cubs!

Close up in the brambles

Laid up on their 'couch' otters need time to relax and groom out of the water.

Silent swimmers
Play time
Close Contact cubs
Family keeping off the ice!
Love bites!

Hauled out grooming in spring sunshine

Crossing the pond
Cub keeping off the ice!
Running on ice

The cubs prefer to short cut across the surface rather than swim below the ice.

Undeniably cute
Cubs drying off
On thin ice.
Close up on the ice !
Family outing on ice
Sneak peak
Close encounter
Heading back to the hole in the ice
Family meeting on the bank
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