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Scottish winter wildlife trip pre Lockdown!

This last (2019/2020) winters wildlife trip was particularly spectacular! Though the snows came late they came at last and we were able to spend some last glorious weeks photographing the wildlife in the Cairngorms with a stunning snowy backdrop. Being curtailed eventually in March with the Scottish lockdown threatening we had to leave this stunning landscape to ride out the storm in England. I am so looking forward to being able to return as soon as restrictions allow to revisit the Cairngorms and its wonderful winter wildlife! here are some of last springs wild encounters!

Though as i write this we are currently locked down in a second wave of Corona virus in England we can see some brightness on the horizon with some optimism in the news and the Vaccine on the horizon. So looking forward to be able to return for some more photography trips in the New Year. If you would like to join us and witness some of this wonderful wildlife and improve your photography at the same time please E mail me at ASAP!

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